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Pete has played and written with many BIG names in the MUSIC WORLD

   It all started back in 1994 when a 20 year old small town Michigan boy hit the highway in a car packed with some music gear and a handful of dreams and set out west to Colorado to follow his heart and has not looked back once since. Sharing the songs he writes along the way and gaining non-stop velocity, award winning singer/songwriter Pete Kartsounes has performed and recorded with some of the music industries greatest. Here are some of Pete's accomplishments along his 20 year career:

* In 1999 Pete was asked to write the words, sing lead vocals and play harmonica on 4 songs, which included flying to British Columbia to record with Dave Kruzen (drums-Pearl Jam) and Steve Manning (Blues Travelers). The project was called "Smokin' Jesus" and was about as grunge as you can get and it was REALLY GOOD grunge/rock-n-roll at that. It was for a possible sign with Blues Travelers management. Nothing ever came to fruition from this but some great memories. Here are some tracks from that project:


by: Smokin' Jesus

 No Longer Wasting Time

       by: Smokin' Jesus

   Red House

by: Jimmi Hendrix

    Letting Go

by: Smokin' Jesus

* In 2002 Pete and some friends started a band that gained some serious attention fresh out of the gates called "Acoustic Semi" (which changed the name to Possum Logic in 2003). Possum Logic toured relentlessly throughout the country and with the North Mississippi Allstars as well as sharing the same tour manager. Lead by not one but two very strong vocalists/writers the band had everything it took to be a huge success. They also opened a lot of shows for some of the major national acts including Moe, Sonya Dada,  Leftover Salmon and many more. Here are some sounds from the 4 years of evolution from that amazing group:

     Katie May

by: Pete Kartsounes


by: Brendan MacNaughton

  Phreddy Went Down

      To New Orleans

by: Brendan MacNaughton

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

       by: Pete Kartsounes

*  In 2005 Pete formed the Boulder, Colorado based Latin/Funk/Soul band "Willis"​ with 3 VERY talented musicians. Their first week as a band they made it on  the 103.5 FM "Lewis and Floorwax"​ show "The Last Band Standing." They played for hundreds of thousands of listeners for 5 days straight and eventually won the contest which gave them some huge notoriety in a short amount if time. The band toured themselves into the ground in just over a years time but they all still play together in different arrangements. This is one of those bands that had it ALL. Willis shared the stage with many greats including The Neville Brothers. Drummer Jeremy Salken eventually went on to play drums in the super electronica group "Big Gigantic."Here is some great music by that band:

Soul Is Flat

  by: Willis

Yo Mamba

 by: Willis​​

The Duck

 by: Willis

Snow Day

by: Willis


 by: Willis


 by: Willis

Afro Turkey

  by: Willis

*   In 2007 Pete was asked to play acoustic guitar and sing with the band "The Wayword Sons."  They were led by well known songster Benny "Burle" Galloway (Benny wrote a whole records worth of songs for the Yonder Mountain String Band record "These Old Hands" CD which has been critically acclaimed) and together they toured the country playing major festivals and sharing the stage with many and just about all of the bluegrass greats. That band got weary of the road and broke the ties only a year later. (REUNION???) Benny continues to write the songs so many record and Anders Beck went on to tour non-stop in the super group Greensky Bluegrass. Here are some sounds of that amazing 4 piece "new"grass band:

Sisters and Brothers

   By: Charles Johnson

   Pride of Alabama

     By: Benny Galloway

Immigrants Life

By: Pete Kartsounes

*    In 2008 Pete came up with the idea to help others not so fortunate through nature, music and community and started the non-profit 501c3 foundation called Hike4Cancer​​. Hike4Cancer raised money for families dealing with childhood cancer. Pete hiked the entire 500 mile Colorado Trail ​(from Denver to Durango) in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and made a few different hikes throughout Colorado in 2011 to raise money for beneficiaries each year. He wrote over 30 songs on the trail, taught music camps for the children, hiked over 1,700 miles with a 40 lb bag on his back while raising money through donations per mile, events and concerts with silent auctions and raffles along with being joined by an ever-growing group of hikers getting sponsored. Pete claims THIS to be the most important thing he has ever done and only the "stepping stones" to what is to come with "giving​" and "living selflessly" in the days ahead. Here is a video of 4 years of this amazing journey along with the music from a "song from the trail" called "Life Ain't Always Easy​" that Pete included on his 2011 release "The Only Way I Know."


*   In 2008 Pete Started his own Boulder, Colorado based band PKB - Pete Kartsounes Band. This band is always "fire hot" and fresh with an eclectic and very deep well of many of Pete's writings and always contains some of Colorado's hottest players. Everything from Bluegrass to Funk, blues to folk, PKB has been asked to perform at many well known festivals throughout the U.S. and has shared the stage with many of his friends including Yonder Mountain String Band, Greensky Bluegrass, Bill Kreutzmann and 7 Walkers, Keller Williams, Railroad Earth, Leftover Salmon and many more. PKB plays a few shows a month and is always fresh with new songs and energy. Here is some music from Pete band PKB.

Rhythm without the Blues->

         Takes Me Home

           By: Pete Kartsounes

*   In 2011 Pete was asked to play guitar and sing on some shows with one of his own favorites Drew Emmitt Band. Pete has always been a fan of Drew's playing and songwriting. (Drew leads the super jamgrass band Leftover Salmon) and together they make one heck of a team with strong vocal melodies and musical craftsmanship. Hopefully we see more of these two down the road.

Takes Me Home

BY: Pete Kartsounes

From Pete's 2007 release Out Of Nowhere 

Featuring Drew Emmitt 

*   In 2012 Pete was asked to join the Chicago based jamgrass band Cornmeal. He toured with them for 5 months throughout the country as their guitarist and  vocalist. Pete didnt take the gig for the long run but very much enjoyed playing this "fast and furious" blend of bluegrass and rock-n-roll. Here are a couple videos including one of Pete leading a song of theirs with Jeff Austin of Yonder Mountain String Band sitting in at Chicago's "SOLD OUT" Vic Theatre. Nothing but good times playing with great musicians.
*   In April of 2012 Pete and some amazing musicians formed the 5 piece string band out of Boulder, Co called "Bluegrass Delta Force." This talented band was instantly getting booked at festivals and high profile shows and consisted of some of Colorado's hottest musicians. Hopefully the wheels stay in motion for these guys with tours and festival bookings throughout the US after Pete moves to Kauai. They are soon to release their first CD in the summer of 2013 and have a bunch of great original material. Here are some videos of the band. Enjoy Bluegrass Delta Force

Sweet Carolina

by: Pete Kartsounes

Sit and Whittle

   by: Sam Parks

Living Room Freakout

       by: Kyle Ussery

Hand To Lend

by: Andrew Bonnis

*   In March of 2013 Pete wrote and recorded a 4 song EP with Austin, Tx singer/songwriter Lizzy Lehman. They call their act "Devil In The Dust" and there is sure to be more from these two great writers and singers. Here is a link to what they wrote in March of 2013. Enjoy!!!
Over the years Pete Kartsounes has made a career by enjoying life, staying creative, and playing music in many collaborations with some amazing friends who happen to be incredible musicians. Here are a few videos of times like those from almost 20 years of non-stop playing, writing, recording and touring.


There should be no boundaries in this journey we all live to take.  Surrenderbreathe and be still as much as possible in your moments.....give thanks in those moments.....

and learn from the moments.....For the moment is 



      "Gold Hill Line / Long Road"

Pete playing with the Drew Emmitt Band at Shoe Fest in 2013 with guest Allie Kral and Andy Thorn.

               "Sweet Carolina"

w/ Dave Bruzza / Greensky Bluegrass

              "Hold On"

     Pete sitting in with the

     Infamous Stringdusters    


Joining good friend Paul Hoffman

    from Greensky Bluegrass

             "Beautiful Soul"

Pete plays his song Beautiful Soul with Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth at The Northwest String Summit. 

        "Fire On The Water"

Pete joining friends Jay Anderson (Fruition) along with Dan, Bonnie and Bridget from Elephant Revival

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