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Pete Kartsounes Music 

A prolific songwriter, insatiable studio junkie, and expert gig-getter, Pete Kartsounes is one of the busiest independent musicians/artists in the music world today, both under his given name and as his electronic groove-looping alter ego, DJPK. To date, Pete Kartsounes has released fourteen full length albums and numerous singles. The latest is the highly  acclaimed "Songs In The Key Of Love" (Released March 22nd, 2024).


True to Pete K style, each album represents a soulful and eclectic mix of influences from the Indie-Americana folk, soul-grass, jazz and blues and world music genres. Pete also has a deep love for composing, producing and performing original scores for meditation, yoga, dance and mindful practices. (See DJPK and the Mindful Muse Album)


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Crazy Ride

Crazy Ride was released on June 7th, 2021 and is a single that will be included in the next full length album due out in the fall of 2021. It speaks of the shared heartache we experience in this crazy thing called life. With potent lyrics and full orchestra sound, Crazy Ride seeks to bring meaning to our struggles, to find peace in the pain and smile. 

A Prayer For Rain

Mindful Muse was released on November 10th, 2020 and is a 60 minute instrumental collection made and meant for Yoga, Massage, Meditation and all around stress relief. Mindful Muse will take you on a beautiful journey with piano, flute, guitars, ukuleles, soundscapes and natures songs and sounds.

Broken was released as a single on May 6th, 2020 and is an 8 minute soul-filled journey that rides the waves of the human spirit and like most of Pete Kartsounes' writings; it ends with a silver lining.

Air To Breathe
Tomorrow Could Be Gone
The River

Out Here On My Own vol.1 was released on August 7th, 2020 is straight to the song and directly from the heart.  An "up close and personal" approach with just voice, guitar and some harmonica.No "bells and whistles" on this soul-filled compilation of Petes' writings. 

Front cover.jpg
I'm Alive
Yours And Mine
Two Gypsy Souls 

I'M ALIVE was released on June 1st, 2019. Petes new solo album is filled with 12 soul-filled songs of love, courage and gratitude and all entwined with superb musicianship that is sure to have you tapping your feet and leaving you inspired. 

Never End
Beautiful Soul

UNWIND was released in 2014 and is sure to lift the spirits, inspire the soul, and soothe the heart. 12 songs from the most magical and beautiful place on Planet Earth.....The Kalalau Valley on Kauai's North Shore. Enjoy the MUSE....Aloha!

The Only Way I Know
The Only Way
I Know

The Only Way I Know was released in 2011 and is filled with amazing musicianship and eclectic flow. This self produced album crosses many boundaries of Pete's writings including blues, bluegrass, jazz and folk

Out Of Nowhere
Sweet Carolina
Takes Me Home

Out Of Nowhere was released in 2007 and is an album for the acoustic lover. It's heavy on the bluegrass side of Pete's writings and is consumed with incredible artistry. Joined by many "well-knowns" in the bluegrass world, this album is a foot tapper and a testimony for Petes' love for bluegrass. 

The Colors Of My Mind
Love Is Everything
Take My Blues Away

The Colors Of My Mind was released in 1999 and is Petes' first release. Saxophone heavy (and thats a good thing) and full folk and blues. There are certainly tracks on this CD that stand the test of time in Pete's writing.


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