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Mindful Muse / Music For Mindful Practice 

After hosting a wellness retreat in Mexico for 3 months in 2014 Pete found a passion for creating live music for yoga classes while he was there. Since then, Pete has been creating music at his home studio for relaxation, meditation, yoga, massage and ecstatic dance and even performs these artistic creations during live yoga classes.


Petes newest release "Mindful Muse" is a 60 minute journey into the mind, body and spirit with piano, flute, guitar, soundscapes and natures song. Click on the album cover below for a way to listen and purchase this unique collection of Petes music.



A Prayer For Rain 


Inspired by the humanitarian spirit and

moral responsibility to live, love and dream

IMG_20200307_182050__01__01 (1).jpg


A psychedelic meditation to the inner

worlds with commentary by Timothy Leary

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