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Photo by: Bradley Cook

After 25 years of songwriting and over 200+ original compositions, Pete shares his craft and process in songwriting camps, online workshops and private lessons. Sign-up below for announcements of upcoming camps/workshops or to book private instruction. 

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Photo by: Bradley Cook

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I have not been able to write a decent song in many, many years…until this camp. Pete Kartsounes Songwriting Camp was fun, relaxed and super informative. He eased my doubts about songwriting, and helped me to find inspiration to write 3 new songs over the weekend, maybe some of the best stuff I have ever written. The camp was a launching point in time for me musically!

-Miles Pruner

Song writing, like riding a bike can be painful and laborious. Pete Kartsounes takes the uninitiated from crawling through tricycle to BMX off road jumping in a matter of a ten hour weekend workshop. He is kind and sensitive to beginners, seeming to address the needs of each group member. He is a fantastic teacher!!

-Dr. John Haines

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